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Proudly Serving Our Military Vacations for Families from Armed Forces Vacation Club

The Military Vacations for Families from Armed Forces Vacation Club® (AFVC) is a "Space Available" program that offers military and other Department of Defense-affiliated personnel the opportunity to enjoy vacations at popular destinations around the world - for the incredibly low price of just $349* USD per unit, per week.

Those eligible and their family and friends have access to spacious accommodations at more than 4,000 resorts, apartments, condominiums and homes in more than 100 countries.

Stay with your loved ones at a beachfront resort in Mexico, a well-appointed cabin in the Canadian Rockies, or a centuries old home in the English countryside. Take your leave at a do-everything resort near Orlando's theme parks, Greece's ancient ruins or Tuscany's rolling hills. With Military Vacations for Families from Armed Forces Vacation Club, your vacation options span the globe.

Who Qualifies?

The program is available to all active and retired members of the Armed Forces, Department of Defense employees and select civilian employees in military support roles.

More about program requirements can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

What "Space Available" Means

AFVC is a part of Endless Vacation Rentals, one the world's largest hospitality companies. This makes it possible to offer a vast collection of condominium-style timeshare resorts.

If you enjoy off-season activities in popular locations without the hassle of high-season prices, crowds and lines (or if you can travel on 10 days notice or less), the AFVC offers an incredible vacation value.

More Spaces in More Places

Availability varies but frequently includes destinations in the United States, Mexico, South America and Europe. The condominium-style accommodations typically include a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and microwave. Many AFVC accommodations also include washers and dryers, balconies or patios, and many other comforts of home.

Many resorts provide amenities you aren't likely to get with a typical hotel or motel room, such as on-site recreational facilities, swimming pools, fitness centers, game rooms, gift shops, restaurants and organized activities.

Golfing and skiing are available on-site at some resorts, as well. Add in exciting area attractions, and you have an exceptional vacation for far less than you would normally expect to pay!

Convenient Booking Options

The AFVC offers a variety of rental programs and booking options, including:

  • Space-A (Space Available) - This is the most popular option and includes a seven-night vacation rental for the set price of $349* USD per week. Rentals are typically available during offseason times and often become available on very short notice. Additional fees may apply at some resorts.
  • High Demand - This option offers weekly rentals in high-demand locations and during peak season at discounted commercial rental rates (variably priced by location and unit).
  • Short Stays - This option provides the convenience and amenities of a resort condo on a less than 7 night basis. Discounted rates vary.
  • Vacation Deals - Take advantage of special offers from Wyndham family discounts, car rental and of course, Space-A and high demand sales..

Always Low Fees, Never Any Pressure

While accommodations are mostly at timeshare resorts, you will not be required to attend a timeshare presentation. Some resorts are already sold out and do not have active sales centers on-site. If the resort is still in sales, at some time during your stay, you will probably be given an opportunity to attend a presentation in exchange for a premium or gift (free dinner, theater/show tickets, amusement/theme park tickets, etc.). Everyone at these resorts is given this same opportunity. If you like the incentive gift and want to attend the presentation, you are welcome to do so. But you are under no obligation and can simply say, "No, thanks."