Terms and Conditions

1. The My Reward Coupons program (the "Program") is offered by the Armed Forces Vacation Club ("AFVC"), a part of Resort Rental, LLC, a subsidiary of RCI, LLC. These Terms and Conditions are subject to interpretation by AFVC in its sole discretion and are governed by New Jersey law.

2. AFVC may modify, alter, delete or add new terms and conditions for its Program at any time without notice. This includes modifying, altering, adding or deleting coupon values, redemption levels, conversion ratios, conditions for status and/or conditions for membership in the Program at any time without notice. To view or obtain the most current Terms and Conditions for the Program at any time, visit www.afvclub.com.

3. Only individuals that are eighteen (18) years of age or older may enroll in the Program; such individuals will thereafter be referred to as a "Member" of the Program. Corporations, groups and other entities are not eligible. Members cannot maintain more than one (1) account or share accounts.

4. AFVC may terminate the Program at any time upon six (6) months' notice, without further obligation to the Member. Regardless of the amount of time a Member participates in the Program, such Member’s right to accumulate additional reward coupons or other Program currency and claim rewards under the Program may be terminated and all accrued rewards in the Member’s account cancelled six (6) months after termination of the Program is announced.

5. Under the Program, Members can earn reward coupons ("Reward Coupon(s)") by referring eligible Members ("Eligible Member(s)") to AFVC ("Referral"). For a Referral to be eligible for Reward Coupons, the Referral must meet all of the following criteria ("Referral Method"):

a) The referred member must register in full with AFVC, including providing a functional email address;

b) The referred member must not be a past or current member or subscriber of AFVC or its affiliates; and

c) The referred member must not have been referred to AFVC or its affiliates by another Member or third party prior to receipt of the Referral from the subject Member.

6. To refer an Eligible Member(s) under the Program, Members must share the unique tracking link supplied in their "My Reward Coupons" account via email, Facebook, and/or any other referral method designated by AFVC in its sole discretion.

7. Under the Program, Members can earn a maximum of two (2) tokens ("Tokens") for every new, Eligible Member(s) referred to AFVC in accordance with the Referral Method described in Section 5 above.

8. Once a Member accumulates a total of ten (10) Tokens, AFVC will award such Member with a Reward Coupon(s) in the amount of ten U.S. dollars ($10.00 USD). Notification of issuance of the Reward Coupon(s) will be sent via email to the Member’s registered email account approximately forty-eight (48) hours after the eligible number of Tokens has been earned.

9. Members can use a maximum of five (5) Reward Coupon(s), totaling fifty U.S. dollars ($50.00 USD), towards a purchase of a vacation rental stay on www.afvclub.com, unless otherwise indicated.

10. The Reward Coupon(s) expires one (1) year after the date of issuance, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the expiration date of any earned Reward Coupon(s) in the Member’s account will be extended to one (1) year after the date of the most recent earned Reward Coupon(s) issuance.

11. Up to a maximum of five (5) Reward Coupon(s) can be redeemed towards a seven (7) night vacation stay booked online at www.afvclub.com. Once Reward Coupon(s) are redeemed toward a vacation stay, they are non-refundable even if the vacation is cancelled. Available resorts subject to change without notice. Reward Coupon(s) cannot be used towards Buy One Get One Free ("BOGO") promotions or Resort Vacation Certificates ("RVCs"). Other exclusions may apply.

12. The Reward Coupon(s) in a Member's account does not constitute property of the Member, has no cash value, and cannot be sold or transferred during or after the Member's life, by operation of law or otherwise.

13. Member balance, including total number of Referrals, Tokens and available Reward Coupon(s) can be accessed at any time online under the "My Reward Coupons" section of the website. Fraud or abuse of the Program by Members is subject to administrative and/or legal action by AFVC, including, but not limited to, termination of the Member's account, forfeiture of all accrued Reward Coupon(s) and/or cancellation of any previously issued Reward Coupon(s).

14. Participation in the Program and/or the awarding and redemption of Reward Coupon(s) are void where prohibited by law.

15. Members are responsible for updating name and email / address change information to the Program via the "My Account" section of the AFVC website. Use of the Program website is subject to the Terms of Use found in the footer of all pages on www.afvclub.com. No warranties are made as to the content of the website or that the functioning of the website will be uninterrupted or error free. Use of the website is at the Member's own risk. 16. In the event that any Reward Coupon(s) are erroneously posted to a Member’s account, AFVC may have them removed from the Member’s account at its sole discretion. 17. Privacy. AFVC maintains a privacy notice which is applicable to Members' participation in AFVC's Program. The AFVC privacy notice can be obtained at www.afvclub.com, or by sending a written request to the following address:

Privacy Counsel
Resort Rental, LLC
6277 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, FL 32821

18. Use of Personal Information. The personal information provided by you is controlled by Resort Rental, LLC, a subsidiary of RCI, LLC, located in the United States. The personal data that we gather will be processed for the purpose of awarding Reward Coupon(s) to the Member account, administering the Program to the Member account, servicing Member requests in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program and/or contacting Members regarding the Program. For additional information, Members should review our Privacy Policy.

19. Notice. Any notice required or permitted under these Terms and Conditions shall be immediately effective upon posting them on www.afvclub.com, or any successor website for the Program.

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