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Property ID:  R970

Address:  RUA PEDRO FONSECA FILHO, 1393. PONTA NEGRA NATAL RN 59090-060 Brazil

Phone: 84/3087-4300

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Resort Information

Resort Amenities

Car Rental (Onsite)

Laundry facilities (Onsite)

Medical facility (Onsite)

Onsite - Swimming pool - children's  (Yes)

Swimming pool (Onsite)

Restaurants and Dining

Proximity: Onsite


Beach (Onsite)

Unit Info

Natal is known as the Sun City because the sun shines almost the whole year. It has many natural beauties and beaches and is the fifth most visited city in Brazil and the most populated in Grande do Norte state. The city also has a large variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping and services.

Check-In Information

Check In: 14:00

Check Out: 12:00

Weeks Check In Days: Saturday

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Policy Restrictions

Please check with resort for smoking policy.

Other Information

Reservations include coffee in the morning.

A Visa may be required. Determine requirements prior to your visit.

In accordance with the Statute of Children and Adolescents. It is prohibited to arrive with children or adolescents to hotels without the parent’s authorization or supervision; It is required to present an identity document or birth certificate upon check in.