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The Bahamas are generally classified as being a part of the Caribbean, but the islands are technically in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea. The climate is similar to south Florida and the official language is English, but it’s spoken with a heavy dialect. Two different types of travelers will find happiness in the Bahamas: the relaxed traveler and the adventure traveler.

If you’re a relaxed traveler you might enjoy the pink beaches on the smaller islands or the white beaches on the Grand Bahama Island. You have your pick of cigar rolling classes, food tours, distillery tours, and rum tastings. There are art museums where you can enjoy local art, and shops where you can enjoy local crafts.

If history is your kind of vacation, you must see the forts. Fort Charlotte was built in 1789 and it is the largest of the forts in the Bahamas. Fort Fincastle, 1793, was a signaling station and famous for its variety of cannons. Fort Montague, built in 1741, is the oldest of the forts. All three of the forts are open to the public.

One of the more interesting structures is The Cloisters, originally built in France in the 14th Century by Augustinian Monks. In the 1920s, William Randolph Hearst had it torn down piece-by-piece and shipped to the Bahamas. Jean Castre-Manne spent two years reassembling it.

If you’re an adventure traveler, you’ll find your excitement in the brilliant blue water around the islands. The water temperature averages in the 80s all year and lends itself to every manner of water activity. You can start with some deep-sea fishing and work your way up to dolphin and/or shark experiences. Kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, and boat tours—if it happens in, on, or under the water, it’s happening in the Bahamas.

If you find yourself in the Bahamas on Boxing Day (December 26) or New Year’s Day, don’t be surprised you see and hear some Junkanoo groups rushing down the street, dancing, and creating a cacophony of sounds that magically meld into music.

Experiences in the Bahamas are as varied as the travelers. Schedule your visit today to discover the kind of traveler you are. Be sure to check out our Vacation Planning Resource Center for information to help you with your next adventure!

Top Things To Do In Bahamas

  • Nassau historic city tour
  • Land sightseeing tours
  • Sea sightseeing tours
  • Food tours
  • Artisanal shops
  • D’Anuglair Art Foundation

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