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If you’re looking for a more authentic and less touristy cultural vacation, then the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe might be exactly what you need. With lows in the 60s and 70s and highs in the 80s all year, there are two recognized seasons. “Lent” is the dry season and it runs between January to June. “Winter”, the wet season, starts in July and ends in December. Due to the primary language being French, this island is often overlooked by American travelers. For those who do venture beyond the beaten path, they can start their days with robust coffee and end it with smooth rum in way that only Guadeloupe can do.

Guadeloupe is an up-and-coming force in the culinary world. Known for “Nouvelle Creole”, a blend of local ingredients and French techniques, foodies are sure to find something they’ve never experienced before.

On the island Grande Terre in Le Gosier, there’s a street market on Friday nights. At this carnival-esque fair, you can find artisan crafts, art, and wares as well as drinks, food, and spices galore.

Guadeloupe is known for chocolate, spices, and coffee. You can see a historic coffee plantation at Habitation La Griveliere, a 17th century planation and designated historic moment. Take in the history at the museum and relax with a cup of rich coffee. The road to it is steep with hairpin turns, be sure your rental car is up to the task.

If you’d like to enjoy some nature, you can find beaches of three different colors. Plage des Bananiers in Basse-Terre provides deep black sand and Plage Grande Anse, also Basse-Terre, is a beach of golden yellow sand. Plage Vieux Port and Plage Feuillere in Grande-Terre have brilliant white sand.

Guadeloupe National Park has 185 miles of trails and a wide variety of terrains: volcano landscapes, mountains, fain forests, mangroves, and waterfalls.

There are over a half dozen distilleries and breweries in Guadeloupe. All of them claim to make the best rum on the island. Book your vacation now and you can declare your own personal winner. Check out our Vacation Planning Resource Center for information to help you plan your perfect vacation!

Top Things To Do In Guadeloupe

  • Black sand beach
  • White sand beach
  • Yellow sand beach
  • “Nouvelle Creole” cuisine
  • Guadeloupe National Park
  • Habitation La Griveliere

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