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Sint Maarten / Saint Martin

Sint Maarten/Saint Martin (Saint Maarten hereafter) wants the world to know that they’ve re-opened for business!

In 2017, this popular tropical vacation destination was hit with Hurricane Irma. At AFVC, we try our best to provide you with accurate information to help you plan your vacations. Please know that the situation in Saint Maarten is evolving and we’ve done our best to ensure that the information we’re providing is accurate and the facilities mentioned in this article are currently serving guests. If there’s an activity that interests you (mentioned here or elsewhere), we encourage you to do a little bit of research to ensure the facility is fully functional before booking your trip.

Saint Maarten is really a tale of two islands. The northern section is under France and the primary language is French. The southern section is under the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with Dutch and English as the official language. English is more common than Dutch. Temperatures run in the 70s and 80s all year. Technically there is a dry season and wet season, but you’ll not likely notice the difference and rain showers are typically brief. The dry season (and the heart of tourist season) runs December to April. “Winter” starts in May and ends in November. The “wet” season starts in June and ends in December.

Tourism is critically important to the economy of Saint Maarten and this time of recovery might be perfect for travelers aiming to avoid crowds. Cultural tourists, foodies and shoppers, will find a wealth of experiences in Saint Maarten. 

Princess Juliana International Airport has reopened. Normally an airport isn’t considered a destination, but in Saint Maarten your enjoyment starts before the wheels land. This airport is adjacent to Maho Beach, and the source of thousands of videos where the plane looks like it’s barely skimming the heads of beachgoers. Perhaps you’ll film the next viral video!

The shopping district in Philipsburg is ready and waiting for you. You can find fresh fruit, gourmet dining and luxury shopping. Porto Cupecoy, home to condos, a yacht harbor, and gourmet restaurants, was spared the brunt of Hurricane Irma’s force. Simpson Bay, a place known for casual dining, bar hopping, and music, was the first region to reopen for business.

Saint Maarten was hit hard, but they’re hitting back. More activities are being rebuilt and reopened every week. Book today for your chance to visit before the whole world knows they’re back. Remember to check out our Vacation Planning Resource Center for information to guide you on your next trip!

Top Things To Do In Sint Maarten / Saint Martin

  • Plane Watching, Maho Beach & Princess Julian Airpor
  • Simpson Bay, dining and music
  • Philipsburg, dining, shopping, & boating
  • Annual Regatta in March
  • St. Maarten Carnival, April - May
  • St. Martin Book Fair, June. Local and Global authors

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Sint Maarten / Saint MartinSint Maarten / Saint MartinSint Maarten / Saint Martin
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