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Pet Friendly Vacations

Enjoy a Vacation at a Pet-Friendly Resort

Travel used to be synonymous with the phrase "No Pets Allowed" -- but today, more and more accommodations are pet-friendly. No “mom or dad” wants to leave their beloved “child” in a kennel for a week. This is a sometimes expensive option that may create stress for your pet. Even if you are able to leave your pet at home (perhaps having a friend or family member stop by), the boredom and loneliness pets experience may lead to negative behaviors.

Thankfully, bringing your pert along with you on vacation is a valid option if you choose pet-friendly accommodations. In fact, a quick search for "pets allowed" on, for example, turns up a great list to choose from.

Easier For Everyone To Vacation Together

"It’s stressful to have to plan a vacation for my family and then research a safe kennel for my dog Stella," says Kayla M., a pet owner in Orlando, Florida. "It is so much easier to bring her along to a pet-friendly resort where she can frolic in the ocean or scamper alongside me as I hike in the mountains."

Pet-friendly accommodations let Kayla and other pet owners have that exact experience, allowing them to bring their furry family member along for the weeklong vacation or weekend getaway. There's no stress because of leaving the pet behind, no separation anxiety, and no missing out on sharing each day with your cat or dog. Imagine sitting on a deck watching a summer sunset, or curled up on a couch in front of a warm fireplace during a winter ski trip.

What Makes a Hotel or Resort Pet Friendly?

Pet-friendly properties vary in size. Size doesn't necessarily matter, as any hotel or resort can be accommodating to pets.

First, keep in mind that "pet friendly" may mean a limit of two pets (or even one in some cases). It also may restrict dogs to "small" (which typically is under 35 pounds) so it is important to verify that information prior to checking in. Many of these vacation properties allow pets to accompany their guests however some pet-accommodations include a few extra amenities specifically for cats and dogs. This may include a dog bed, cat scratcher, or maybe an exclusive outdoor play area.

Be a Pet Ambassador

One final thought: Remember that while you love spending every moment your beloved pet, others may not see him or her like you do. It is important to note that being a responsible and conscientious pet owner can go a long way toward turning animal-averse individuals into pet owners. Here's to enjoying your next vacation with your pet.


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Pet Friendly VacationsPet Friendly VacationsPet Friendly Vacations
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