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Ski Vacations

Pack your sunglasses, some sunblock, and your camera because you're taking your family to where bright glares may color your face, but the hottest thing you'll likely touch is a mug of cocoa. Yeah, you're not headed for the beach, you're traveling to the snowy slopes where you and your family can burn energy, feel rushes of adrenaline, and take in some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Taking a family ski trip offers exciting moments for the whole family!

Ski vacations are perfect for active families who love to play together outdoors. You can find a variety of activities that suit all ages and abilities, from snow shoeing, sledding, and cross country snow skiing, to snowmobiling, snowboarding, traditional skiing and downhill racing. You can try these activities together or go your separate ways and meet up later for a hot lunch at the ski resort lodge.

If you prefer to travel light or don't ski often enough to justify purchasing gear for the family, most ski resorts provide ski essentials and equipment rentals. Renting is also ideal if you and your family love to ski but your kids quickly outgrow their equipment. Just be sure to make that ski trip packing list and bring cold-weather essentials from home, such as thermal underwear, warm socks, and any other personal items you think you may need.

Ski resorts also provide the unique opportunity to dine at restaurants with spectacular mountain views, hike the open trails to explore the terrain, and join a guided tour so you can learn interesting facts about local wildlife. You should have plenty of chances to capture photographs worthy of hanging on your living room wall by the time your ski vacation ends.

Colorado ski vacations and Utah ski vacations are top choices when planning a ski trip, but for those who can't stand the cold, check out our beach vacations for something a little warmer.


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Ski VacationsSki VacationsSki Vacations
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